Zero Hero

Becoming the face of a 'switch it off' campaign

Trust: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Location: Redhill and Crawley 
Name and role: Catalin Stancio, Senior Nursing Assistant 

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What did Catalin do?

Catalin volunteered to feature in a series of posters at SASH, asking people to pledge to remember to switch off lights, laptops, monitors, mobile phone chargers etc. Posters went up around Trust sites to raise awareness of the need to ‘Switch it off'.

Why it matters?

Catalin said he took part because, "If we don't take care of our environment, it will stop taking care of us'' and he wanted to promote the change he would like to see across the Trust. Peer to peer influence is a very strong factor for behaviour change, and Catalin putting his face to 'Switch it off' helped to make it accessible and relatable to others across the Trust.

"If we don't take care of our environment, it will stop taking care of us. We need everyone across all of our Trusts to just switch everything off when it's not being used."

Why Catalin is a Zero Hero

Because of Catalin's innovative idea, over 100 people publicly made a pledge at SASH to 'Switch it off'.

Turning off our computers each night, rather than leaving them on standby, saves 1,500lb of carbon emissions for each computer, annually.

Unplugging mobile phone chargers saves 95% of the energy they typically consume.

Catalin poster in frame

Frequently asked questions

Your estates and facilities team will be the best people to contact to find out more about energy use at your Trust.

Due to some equipment needing to remain on for the safe delivery of care it is best to check what can be switched off safely. Usually office lights, or monitors etc can be safely switched off. Leaving these items on standby still drains energy (known as phantom energy) and therefore adds to our carbon footprint.  

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