Zero Hero

Achieving low carbon travel in a community setting

Trust: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Brighton
Name and role: Scott Hart (Lead HR Business Partner - Adult Services)

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What did Scott do?

Scott takes time to plan his meetings identifying whether they can be conducted virtually or face-to-face. Whenever possible, he only travels to one site each day and sees as many colleagues as he can while there. 

He travels from his base at Brighton General Hospital to other sites using public transport, booking in advance through the Trust’s online portal. If the site isn’t on a public transport route, Scott travels by car, sharing with colleagues who were already heading that way. 

Why it matters?

More people using sustainable forms of travel like trains or buses rather than cars reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions entering the atmosphere, reducing climate change impacts and improving air quality. When public transport isn’t practical, identifying alternatives such as car sharing still has a positive impact by ensuring there are less vehicles on the road, and therefore fewer emissions.  

"Travelling by public transport has obvious environmental benefits, but it has also had a great impact on my wellbeing as I have additional time to concentrate and reflect on work, as well as downtime for recuperation between meetings."

Why Scott is a Zero Hero

Scott regularly talks about his experience with colleagues and encourages them to think about how to travel between sites differently. Not only does he promote the positive impact for the environment, but he also shares the wellbeing benefits in having additional time to concentrate and reflect on work, as well as downtime for recuperation between meetings.  

 Everyone's contributions add up. Together, with changes to how we work like Scott's we can reach Net Zero carbon by 2040.   

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Frequently asked questions

The SCFT Travel Bureau team provides advice to staff Trust-wide on ways to reduce business journeys, information on alternative travel modes and tips for travelling cheaper and with a reduced carbon footprint.

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