Zero Heroes

Our Zero Heroes are real change makers - improving patient care, reducing carbon emissions, tackling waste and creating a greener place to work.

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Plastic doll dressed as Superman
Plastic doll dressed as Superman

Leading the way in community care

Gemma Cheneler
Gemma Cheneler

Zero Hero - Gemma Cheneler

Gemma has been turning waste training into green education.
Gemma's story

Evolving care: Occupational Therapy for neuro-rehabilitation - delivered virtually

Natasha's story

How Tammie sourced funding for a nature-based therapy group

Tammie's story

Scott's low carbon community travel

Scott doesn't drive but this hasn't been a barrier to working with services and teams across the Trust. At the same time, he has kept his carbon footprint low!
Scott's story

Leading the way in acute care

Image of Nicky Deacy in clinical settingimage of Michael Brownjohn

Catalin's 'switch it off' challenge

Catalin volunteered to feature in a series of posters at SASH, asking people to pledge to remember to switch off lights, laptops, monitors, mobile phone chargers etc. Posters went up around Trust sites to raise awareness of the need to Switch it off'.
Catalin's story
Image of Nicky Deacy in clinical setting

Nicky's project to end Desflurane use

Nicky led the charge to eliminate the use of the Volatile Anaesthetic Gas, Desflurane, across East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.
Nicky's story
image of Michael Brownjohn

Michael's bin re-use project

As a waste manager Michael has embraced the value in encouraging reuse over disposal with proactive maintenance.
Michael's story

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Leading the way in primary care

Dr Abigail Fryimage of Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome
Dr Abigail Fry

Dr Abigail Fry

Dr Abigail Fry spent one day a week helping practices to engage with the Green Impact for Health Toolkit to provide them with a practical set of actions to track progress towards achieving net zero carbon.
Dr Abigail's story
image of Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome

Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome

Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome saw an opportunity to support his colleagues and patients to increase the number of journeys they take with active travel.
Dr Ralph's story