You’ve got the power…to switch off camera

As virtual meetings become the norm we’re suffering a bit of screen fatigue – but you can still zoom with the camera off…

lady on laptop watching a teacher

It's okay to say no to being on camera

Video conferencing and virtual meetings are great and have been so helpful during the pandemic. But if you find you have several back to back it can get a bit exhausting constantly seeing yourself on screen. We aren’t used to interacting with others and seeing ourselves doing it, and it can be distracting or bring out some self criticism.

If you are finding it a bit much, choose one or two of your meetings each day to do off camera (this wouldn’t work for appointments with patients unfortunately but is great for team meetings, training or other meetings). Simply let your other meeting attendees know that you’ll be off camera to give yourself a break from seeing yourself. You’ll be able to participate fully on audio.

laptop screen with a zoom session lots of faces on the screen
The blank spaces are okay, you can be part of the virtual meeting without being on camera

Another option is to switch to speaker view so you are only looking at the other person on your screen, and this can really help in creating a more ‘real’ face to face experience too. This will work for appointments with patients too.

At the end of the day, virtual meetings are a tool we can use and adapt to work in the best way for us, and if sometimes that means switching off the camera that is okay.