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Walking Works is coming!

22 February 2021

By Hayley Carmichael

Living Streets are working with us to support staff in walking more frequently to reap all the wellbeing benefits.

Green background with white walking works logo and the words join us to create a workplace walking culture

Celebrate Burns Night with a Veggie Haggis

25 January 2021

By Hayley Carmichael

25th January is Burns Night, a big celebration in Scotland, and popular around the world. 

Burns Night

National hug day

20 January 2021

By Hayley Carmichael

What the world needs more of is hugs. They make us feel good, they are calorie free and anyone can do it…

National Hug Day

5 ways to mindfulness this Christmas

25 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

On Christmas day things can get a bit hectic. Take 5 minutes to embrace a mindful moment and it could keep you feeling festive all day long...

brain next to a heart balanced perfectly on a seesaw

Rest up ready for Santa

24 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

Sleep can be hard to come by sometimes but with our top tips you should get your 40 winks and feel refreshed in the morning...

Rest up ready for Santa

Enjoying a festive tipple without the hangover

23 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

After the stress of 2020 there is a real temptation to indulge this festive season, but over indulging in the booze can add to low moods so beat the booze blues with our tips for festive imbibing...

5 bottles of wine

A good old fashioned movie night

22 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, curling up in front of a good film can be the perfect way to end your day.

laptop with a Columbia film credit on the screen and a candle beside it

Christmas connections

21 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

Christmas is the time of year when we tend to connect more with friends and family. If you are experiencing virtual catch up fatigue we celebrate the return to some old fashioned ways of communicating...

two people talking on phones either side of planet earth

You've got the power...to switch off camera

20 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

As virtual meetings become the norm we're suffering a bit of screen fatigue - but you can still zoom with the camera off...

lady on laptop watching a teacher

Boost your mood with a festive bake off

19 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

GBBO might be over but the baking can continue - baking can be a mindful way to relax and recharge over the festive period.

A colourful kitchen with two elves baking cakes

At the end of the day

16 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

We respond well to routines and little rituals that tell our brains to get ready for something; you can use this to help define the end of your working day.

silhouette of woman blowing a bubble, bubble is a clock

The best cuppa for your tea break

15 December 2020

By Hayley Carmichael

The tea break is a staple of British culture, and while tea might not be your cuppa of choice, a well made cup of tea is a beautiful thing.

white classic tea pot pouring tea in to a china tea cup and saucer

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