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Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
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World Wellbeing Week take place from 24th to 30th June. World Wellbeing Week is a global initiative to raise awareness and celebrate the importance of wellbeing, in our personal and work lives. It's about feeling comfortable, healthy, and happy.

It's time to prioritise self-care. Self-care is important for our physical and mental health, it helps manage stress, increase energy, and importantly it strengthens your immune system.

Explore these sustainable self-care tips –

  • Meditation/Mindfulness – Give meditation and mindfulness a go to feel more fully present in the moment, you'll be more aware of your thoughts and feelings, and it helps regulate breathing.


  • Physical activity – We all know physical activity is good for us, but we don't always see it as self-care. Moving your body is the best way to switch off for a moment and focus on what you are doing, whether it's walking and thinking about your route or working out and counting your reps.


  • Reading – We all love a bit of escapism, and there's nothing more perfect than getting stuck into a book. Reading for as little as six minutes a day can lower your stress levels by 60%!


woman reading book in field



  • Declutter – Decluttering your space can help declutter your mind. Consider recycling your used goods, selling them, or dropping them off to a charity shop (perfect for clothing) to give them another life.


  • Have a cuppa – There's nothing more comforting than a hot cuppa and it's a perfect excuse to take a little break.



woman drinking from a mug



  • Take a walk – Walking is a great free way to de-stress. Walks in nature are even better for you, in Japan they call it ‘forest bathing' to walk amongst the trees to relax and replenish mind and body.


  • Start a journal – Finally, give journalling a go. Whether digital or in an eco-notepad, leaving your thoughts on the page can help you process your feelings and untangle thoughts to leave your mind feeling calmer and quieter.

 Bonus Tip – Write a list of five things you are grateful for to instantly improve your mood and help you appreciate the little things in life.


person journaling in notebook