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Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

Green Gains is a new monthly blog piece that will provide positive climate change news, focusing on both big and small wins.

Eco-anxiety (the feelings of worry, fear, and stress around climate change) is increasing and when it comes to the news, we can start to avoid reading more doom and gloom stories about the climate crisis.

man reading a paper with headline the world is changing

Positive news helps boost wellbeing

A study into the impact of positive news by the University of East London discovered that people felt more motivation towards social change and an admiration towards others when reading positive news, often improving our view on the world whilst giving a balanced perspective.

Reading positive news can reduce worries associated with climate change and help boost our mental well-being. With this in mind, we are launching a regular monthly feature in our blogs, called ‘Green Gains', where we'll share with you some of the great stuff happening around the world to help address climate change.

Check out Green Gains each month for an update on the good stuff that is happening...

It could be an innovation that reduces carbon, or an idea to save trees, a movement to clean up water or an inspiring person in the field.

We're searching for the good news so we can share it with you, whether health related or not, because we know that ultimately a healthier planet means healthier people.