Green back ground with orange calendar saying - Monday 20th May – Friday 24th May  Walk to School Week!
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

Walk to school week (20th to 24th May) with Living Streets, is all about ditching the car and doing it on foot instead.

The chief medical officer recommends children over five years old, need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day whilst adults need up to 150 minutes of exercise a week – so the school run is the perfect time to tick this off. Being physically active can help build strong bones, muscles and a healthy heart. 

Walk safe and stay well:

  • Be prepared – kids love to cycle or skate to school but all the kit can make the mornings hectic. Prepare the night before, gather any hi-vis jackets and helmets and put them by your shoes for an easy start to the day.


  • Plan you route – plan ahead and try choosing a route that is safe and accessible. The less cars around the better within what is possible. If you can mix up the routes it helps to keep the walk interesting.


  • Park and walk – if you live too far from the school to walk, consider parking a five-to-ten-minute walk away from the school to get your steps in. This also eases congestion and will reduce air pollution during school rush hour.


  • Change it up – whether you change up the route or mode of active travel like cycling or skating, it will keep the school run more exciting for you and your child.


  • Make it fun – if you aren’t walking by a busy road, you can play games as you walk, like I spy or the alphabet game. Check out these other games to make the school run fun.


Making walking part of everyday life is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy from school age to old age.