a white calendar on green back saying - may is national walking month
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

May is National Walking Month, jump into Spring and get walking.

Walking, when practical, is a perfect alternative to using cars and public transport. It reduces air pollution and congestion, cutting down on our exposure to toxic air and helps lower carbon emissions too.

Walking is also great for our mind and body and is one of the easiest ways to keep active and our hearts healthy.

Stepping out into fresh air for only 15 minutes can lower our blood pressure and promote feelings of happiness.

Build more walking in to your life:

  • Connect with your community – joining a local walking group helps you connect with others and explore your surrounding areas. Meeting people helps combat loneliness and opens you up to more opportunities.


  • Start a dog walking group – dogs and people benefit from a daily walk. Try finding a local dog group to join or arrange your own furry friend gathering.

 four dogs being pointed at in nature


  • Fancy a trek? – Go the extra mile and join in with a pre-organised charity trek to explore the beautiful views that the UK has to offer. There are lots to explore but here are some options:


  • Organise a Fun Run (walk) – consider organising a fundraiser walk with your friends, family and colleagues. Pick a charity and a distance and raise money whilst keeping active.


the legs of someone running on pavement


  • Give plawking a go – plawking is the combination of walking and litter picking. Around 2.25 million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK streets every year, so let's tackle it and get a walk in at the same time. This is a great group activity and would be a good team exercise.


  • Take a stroll through nature – Taking a stroll through nature during Spring can be filled with wonderful sights of wildflowers and trees. Being in green spaces reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, boosting our happy chemicals of Dopamine and Serotonin. Whether it is your local park, or somewhere a bit wilder there are plenty of spaces to explore.


a black bag placed up against tree by wetland