green woodland lane
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

Working an indoors job can mean we don't always get the chance to enjoy the fresh air and nature around us. This is why it is important to create green spaces around our healthcare sites, so we can enjoy them when we have our breaks, see our blog for more details.

Getting outdoors reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and anger, which is great for our mental health. Studies show that two in five (38%) of adults spend less than an hour per day outdoors.

Benefits of getting outdoors  

Fresh air – Fresh air improves our lung health and oxygen levels in our blood stream. Good oxygen intake heightens levels of concentration, boosts our immune system, and increases our energy levels. Getting out into green spaces is very good for us as nature and trees purify our air.  

Exposure to sunlight – Exposure to sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, this is essential for bone health and our immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses.

Improved physical benefits – Physical outdoor activities like walking, hiking and cycling are fab for our health, they help increase lung capacity and function and keep your heart healthy.

Better sleep – Getting out in natural daylight can improve the regulation of our circadian rhythm (our internal clock that determines when you are sleepy or awake), enhancing our sleep quality and regulating sleep patterns.

Connect with nature – Connecting with nature and green spaces boost our happy chemicals of Dopamine and Serotonin.

Outdoor activities to do

  • Have a picnic with your family and friends – Grab your favourite drinks and snacks and invite your family and friends for a picnic in your local park (use reusable drinks bottles, and make your snacks to reduce plastic waste too)
  • Take a walk in the morning – This can boost your energy levels and will start your day well.
  • Hike the South Downs – The South Downs stretch from Hampshire to East Sussex.
  • Go for a bike ride – Find a safe cycle route and feel the wind on your face.
  • Engage in an outdoor sport for physical activity – Football, rounders, tennis, jogging, badminton, volleyball and many more.
  • Sea swim – Perfect if you live by the coast!
  • Go camping – You'll be guaranteed to get all the fresh air you need to feel refreshed and revitalised.