bike trail
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

Starting a positive habit like regular cycling in winter can help you really stick to it as it only gets easier when the weather improves. We’ve got some great tips to make winter cycling a safer and warmer experience.


  • Be prepared for all weather – If you are riding in the winter, make sure you layer up. Lots of thin layers helps trap in heat better rather than just one and if the weather brightens up you can remove them. Always pack your hat and gloves to protect your hands and ears against the chill.


  • Wear your waterproofs – If it is likely to rain, wearing good quality waterproofs will be sure to keep you warm and dry on those drizzling days.


  • Keep your tyres in good health – Making sure your tyres have good grip will ensure you stay safe on the icy and wet roads.


  • Take your time – Cycle at a safe speed, especially in unpredictable winter weather. Perhaps opt for a cycle path or park that you can cut through, avoiding the cars in the hazardous weather conditions.


  • Pack extra – Equip yourself with a snack, drink and extra money when cycling, in case your bike breaks and you need to catch a train or bus home. Bonus tip - Packing a hot drink in a thermal flask will keep you warmer for longer.


  • Be visible – Most importantly, wear a helmet and make sure your lights on your bike are working, so you are visible to other people and drivers, essential for the gloomy days.


  • Break it up – if a long journey seems daunting in the cold, can you park and ride with your bike, or get a train for some of the way? It offers a way to ease into cycling and build your confidence for doing a longer trip.


Replacing your car with a bike just one day a week can reduce the average person’s carbon emissions by an impressive 67%, reducing air pollution from cars being used and boosting the surrounding biodiversity. Check out our Green Plans to see our active travel goals.