Flower in field

Hayley Carmichael
1 minute read

No Mow May is a great excuse to leave the lawn mower in the shed and let the grass go wild. NHS Sussex are supporting the campaign which promotes biodiversity and helps to capture carbon, both of which aid healthier lives.

What is No Mow May?

No Mow May is an annual campaign run by Plantlife that encourages lawns, verges, and green spaces to be left to grow freely for (at least) the month of May. Longer lawns mean more wildflowers, which mean more nectar to support our pollinators.

It also means more plants grown to help tackle pollution and to lock away carbon into the ground.

NHS Sussex are supporting No Mow May

NHS Sussex as a provider of healthcare, a major employer in Sussex, and as an anchor institution, is participating in and promoting the No Mow May campaign to help to increase the number of gardens and green spaces in Sussex that will support our pollinators, improve our environment and support the health and wellbeing of our communities.

In support of No May May across our region we'll be encouraging Trusts and Primary Care to create wild green spaces where possible on their sites, and we encourage anyone with a grassy space to get involved.

You'll see longer grasses and more wild flowers as the month progresses and we hope that many will be left to continue to develop as wild green spaces beyond the campaign in May.

This is just one way we're delivering on our Together to Zero commitment which will see us achieve Net Zero Carbon across NHS Sussex by 2040.