Sculpture of a bug in the woods

Hayley Carmichael
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May 1st is National Gardening Week and we’re keen to celebrate the value of green spaces both indoors and out. Gardening on any scale is good for our mental and physical health and it creates great habitats for local bio diversity.

Green spaces boost health and wellbeing

National gardening week is the perfect excuse to promote green spaces at home or at work, whether indoors or outside.

From a windowsill mini allotment, to a fully fledged field, whatever access you have, or can create to enjoy more greenery is to be embraced.

There is a lot of evidence for the value of green spaces for our wellbeing. Check out some of these links…

Parliamentary report on green spaces

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has an NHS Forest programme to champion the use of green spaces for staff and patients.

The Royal Horticultural Society shares some inspiring stories on how gardening has transformed lives.

What can green spaces offer us?

Image of Chailey gardens

Other than a literal breath of fresh air, green spaces have lots of health benefits:

  • Patients have shown to recover faster when they have a green or coastal view.
  • Taking a break in a green space reduces feelings of workplace stress.
  • A short walk to a green spaces helps boost mobility
  • For more evidence on why green spaces and health go hand in hand check out this site.

A garden whether large or small (check out this garden in a jar!) can help you to feel calmer, happier and more connected to the world; lets make every week gardening week and reap the benefits!