plant pot on window sill in sunshine

RJ Heron

2 minute read

We know green spaces give us a health and wellbeing boost, immersing yourself by nature can help to improve mood, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and to get more active.

Get gardening

You don't need to travel far away to feel the benefits of green spaces. If you have a garden at home, there is no better time than spring to start planting and grow your own organic produce, with zero food miles!

If you haven't got a garden, see if there is a local community garden you can muck in at, this is also a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and find out more about what's happening in your local community.

You could even see if there are any spaces available at a nearby allotment, so you have your own little patch of green space away from home.

Also, National Gardening Week is running this week from 1-7 May, themed around the King's coronation to celebrate the start of his reign and love of horticulture and the environment.

Get out into green spaces

If you don't fancy gardening, consider getting out into a local community park or woodland to reap the benefits of being in the great outdoors.

No matter where you're based there is bound to be some public greenspace nearby, take a picnic blanket along and set up camp with a good book.

Green spaces at home

You don't always need to get outdoors to benefit from a bit of greenery, you could incorporate houseplants into your home d├ęcor to add a splash of green to any room. If you live in an urban area, houseplants are a great way to purify the air and improve air quality.

You could even grow small vegetables or herbs on a windowsill or balcony, space isn't everything and you can find some innovative stacked planters to maximise space and vegetable yield.

If you're not green fingered, don't worry just adding the colour green to your interior or putting up a picture of an outdoor setting can give you a boost.

Try and prioritise spending time in green spaces this month and you'll soon start noticing the benefits.