tree trunk
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

Let’s celebrate Brighton & Hove’s beautiful, weird and wonderful trees.

Brighton & Hove tree festival runs across two weekends in May, 11th – 12th and 18th – 19th. The tree festival has free events for everyone.

You can explore our wonderful trees, including an important collection of rare elms, scattered around our streets and parks.

A digital tree trail has been made to help you on your nature adventure, check out this list of parks to explore:


Blakers Park – 30 Cleveland Rd, BN1 6FG

Craven Wood – southern end of The Causeway, BN2 0FP

Easthill Park – East Hill Way, Portslade, BN41 2FA

Hove Park – Goldstone Crescent, BN3 6BG

Preston Park – Preston Park Avenue, BN1 6SD

Queen’s Park – 1 West Drive, BN2 0QY

St Anne’s Well Gardens – Somerhill Road, BN3 1RP

Stoneham Park – Stoneham Road, BN3 5FS

Withdean Lilac Park – 36 Peacock Ln, BN1 8NA


The trees within the Brighton & Hove trail were identified and selected by park Friends’ groups and local tree experts, like Brighton council tree officers.

The map shows two collections of trees – ‘Special Trees of Brighton & Hove’ and ‘Great Elms of Brighton & Hove’ as well as some more other interesting trees in parks across the city.

Check out the festival brochure for more planned events during Brighton & Hove tree festival.

Trees are fab for our physical and mental health as they help provide us with cleaner air – and they help to tackle climate change by absorbing CO2.  Time spent amongst trees can create a sense of nature connectedness, and they boost biodiversity for animals and insects.

Being around green spaces can help lower our blood pressure, whilst elevating our happy chemicals, Dopamine and Serotonin…so let’s go on a tree adventure!