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Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
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March is National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month focuses on helping people make positive food choices to develop healthy eating habits.

A nutritional diet is defined as a nourishing, balanced way of eating that gives us energy, boosts our immune system, and helps our organs to work properly. It covers all the food groups like fruit and veg, carbohydrates, beans/pulses/proteins, oils, dairy and plenty of fluids.

Around 3 million people in the UK at any one time are estimated to live with or be at risk of malnutrition (a lack of nutrition) – that's almost 5% of the UK population.

Eat the Rainbow describes a nutritional, balanced diet perfectly. Colourful foods (e.g colourful veg) can provide different nutrients for our bodies – adding a variety of colour into our diet ensures we get a wide range of nutrients when eating. Check out these nutritional tips:

Explore seasonal fruits and veggies

Are you getting your five-a-day? Exploring seasonal, local fruit and veg is not only good for the environment (cutting out transport emissions), but it also gives you the opportunity to try something new to add to your diet. See what is needed for your five-a-day and discover something new.

Tip – As Spring/Summer approaches you could also take a trip to a ‘Pick you own' fruit and veg farm, this can help explore new foods whilst keeping active.


cardboard tubs filled with blueberries

Find your balance

Following the NHS Eat Well Guide, check out how to make your diet balanced and nutritious. This does not need to be achieved with every meal but try to keep your meals balanced over the day/week.

Finally, cook fresh

If possible, cooking with fresh food is the best way to get nutrition into your diet. You can bulk out your meals with healthy fats, protein, fibre and lots of colourful veg too. Here are some examples:

 Eating the rainbow helps bring more veg onto your plate, and the more plant based our diet the better it is for the planet and for our health.


a selection of food on a table showing a balanced diet, including, meat, dairy, veg, salads, fruit and beans and pulses.