Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

As Winter approaches, the temperature begins to drop, and the days get shorter. Every year we try find more creative ways to stay warm without having to put the heating on to save money and conserve energy.

Staying warm in the Winter can help prevent colds and flu as the cold weather can affect your body's ability to fight off any viruses. People with heart conditions or respiratory conditions, such as asthma, are more vulnerable during this time of year. This is because the body works harder to keep you warm.

  • Layering clothing helps traps in the body heat. Use hats, gloves and thick socks help to warm your extremities allowing the rest of your body to maintain a comfortable temperature. thin layers of clothes over each other helps trap in heat and keep you warmer.


  • Feel the heat. Invest if possible (or request as a Christmas gift maybe) in a seat warmer or body warmer that plug into a USB. They are super cheap to run and help keep your core warm with minimal energy use.


  • Move more where possible. Moving around promotes blood circulation and can contribute to positive cardiovascular health, it takes just ten minutes to warm your body up!


  • Create a cosy space. Closing your curtains or blinds once the sun has set can trap in the heat as well as blocking draughts from gaps in doors and windows - towels or any type of clothing is effective for this. Closing doors to other rooms can also help trap in the heat.


  • Eating and drinking hot drinks keeps your body warmer. Eating root veggies like parsnips, carrots and potatoes not only provide winter warmth but they are in season during this time - meaning less carbon pollution from field to fork.

pouring water from a kettle into a black mug

If you a struggling to get warm this Winter, Warm Welcome Space is a campaign that provides hubs around the country for anyone to join a free and warm safe space. There are many organisations within communities that offer these warm safe spaces, contact your local council for more details. Don't suffer alone, stay warm this Winter.