International mother earth day
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
3 minute read

International Mother Earth Day, 22nd April, is a significant day of awareness, becoming an official United Nations (UN) event in 2009. It's a global celebration that brings people together to remember that Earth is our home and that living in harmony with nature is essential.

The UN are urging a call to action with International Mother Earth Day, drawing a focus on the damage the Earth has suffered from the climate crisis, of wildfires, flooding, storms and rising temperatures.

It is estimated that around one million animals and plant species are now threatened with extinction due to effects of the climate crisis. Everyone is responsible for taking care of Earth, here's how you can help make a difference:


  • Take a plawk – Plawking is the act of walking whilst litter picking, combining physical activity with cleaning the environment. Around 2.25 million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK streets every year. Organising a beach clean is also a great way to get involved.


  • Switch to one vegan meal a week – Having one vegan meal a week (52 days) can save nearly 50kgs of CO2 per year, this is the equivalent to driving 130 miles in a petrol or diesel car. Take a look at our National Vegan Month blog for inspiration. Calculate your food carbon footprint



a wrap filled with tofu and salad with more green salad and a carrot on the side


  • Buy local, seasonal food – Buying your fruit and veg locally will cut out transport emissions, whilst giving you the opportunity to explore foods local to you. Consider avoiding plastic packaging when purchasing from a shop. Here is a month by month seasonal food guide.


  • Plant a bunch – Planting wildflowers can create an amazing habitat and food for wildlife including birds, bees, butterflies and many more insects. A wild patch can brighten up your garden benefiting your mental health whilst saving the bees. Find the best flowers for you and your garden and check out this guide on how to grow a wild patch.


white, purple and pink wild flowers in a meadow


  • Start the conversation – It can be difficult and daunting to start the conversation about the climate crisis. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone will have the same values and concerns as you, but talking can lead to change and action. Here's a guide to help you out.


  • Finally, Acknowledge the nature around you – Take photos of that beautiful sunset, watch those Starling murmuration's on the seafront, and take a moment to smell those fragrant spring flowers.


the west pier in Brighton with a sunset in background and a seagull flying in the foreground


Happy International Mother Earth Day!