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Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
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Free webinar series for Net Zero Mental Health Care

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych), The National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH) and the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) are teaming up to develop guidance and educational resources on how to deliver Net Zero mental health care.

RSCPsych will be hosting a series of free virtual webinars for staff in all areas of mental health care, supported by NHS England and Greener NHS. The webinars start on the 22nd November with a total of four sessions taking place on Zoom – for all dates and more information click here and register by the 20th November.

What to expect

The themes of the webinars focus on how to deliver quality patient care while reducing carbon emissions, including developing nature-based interventions, and exploring innovations in low carbon treatments and care settings. These educational sessions will support mental health professionals in accessing help and resources, enabling them to provide Net Zero mental health care, creating a positive impact on the environment and mental health facilities.

  • Week 1, 22nd Nov 1pm - Delivering greener, more sustainable and net zero mental health care
  • Week 2, 24th Nov 10am - Developing nature based and preventative interventions to build sustainable services
  • Week 3, 28th Nov 11am - Innovations in developing low carbon treatments and care settings
  • Week 4, 1st Dec 10am -  Integrating sustainable practice into leadership and the care pathway

Net Zero in healthcare is important

It is important for health care professionals to adopt greener practices because the way we currently deliver healthcare is contributing to climate change; therefore, also contributing to health problems. The NHS currently accounts for 4% of the UK's total carbon emissions, so let's work together towards greener healthcare.