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Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
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Ready to take a step towards a long-lasting greener future? Monday 4th December 2023 is Carbon Literacy Action Day run by The Carbon Literacy Project. It coincides with COP28 when thinking about our impact on the environment will be top of the agenda.

What is Carbon Literacy Action Day?

Carbon Literacy Action Day (CLAD) is an inclusive day where thousands of people take part in one of the ‘biggest ever climate education-and-action training events. The training focuses on how our daily activities impact the environment and how we can take action to reduce our carbon emissions in our lives, communities, and organisations.

Becoming Carbon Literate leads to positive behavioural change in addressing the climate crisis, empowering people to work towards making a real difference. Taking part in CLAD offers you knowledge and skills to speak up about climate change; the more people talk about what is possible, the more it becomes possible to achieve.  

Individuals and organisations can sign up to receive training to become Carbon Literate on Carbon Literacy Action Day here.

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Why being Carbon Literate matters

The climate crisis is already impacting our lives and our health. The recent storms are just one example, and we know that extreme weather events can make conditions such as respiratory issues and mental health a lot worse.  A healthier planet means healthier people.

Through Care Without Carbon, we aim to deliver Net Zero Carbon healthcare, as we know that reduced emissions means reduced admissions.

Mark your calendars for Monday 4th December and register here today to play an active role in creating awareness around climate change.