World Meteorological Day
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

World Meteorological Day is an annual event taking place on 23rd March to honour the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). World Meteorological Day highlights how the organisation protects the safety and wellbeing of society by focusing on the fight against climate change, with this year's theme of, At the front line of climate action.

The United Nations created 17 world development goals called, Sustainable Development Goals, with the 13th goal urging action against climate change.

Whilst the work of WMO has an important role in achieving the goal of action against climate change, they also contribute towards some of the other important Sustainable Development Goals, like:

Zero Hunger – WMO need to be able to predict weather properly to assist food production, like growing crops.

Good Health and Wellbeing – Predicting the weather correctly ensures the WMO can give early warnings to us for extreme weather conditions (droughts, wildfires, and floods).

Life on Land – WMO monitor changes in climate change and weather patterns, providing essential data to understand the impact that our weather has on land and ecosystems.

Climate change is a real threat to the Earth and us, it is already visible, especially in the form of extreme weather events. The work of the WMO is essential to us understanding the impact of our changing climate and taking action to mitigate and adapt to it over time.

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