Doctor placing waste in recycle bin

RJ Heron
2 minute read

The waste we generate contributes or carbon footprint, there are lots of ways we can reduce waste and our environmental impact by making sure to dispose of waste in a sustainable way.

This week is Recycle Week and to celebrate we are promoting the principles of the waste hierarchy, a system to rank how we manage our waste, from least impactful on the environment to most.


Preventing waste before it occurs is the top solution in the fight to cut waste. There are many ways that we subconsciously and accidentally generate waste. One example is over ordering – make sure to regularly conduct stock takes to prevent items going out of date and avoid duplication.

Take some time to think about the items that you or your team regularly waste and see if there are any processes or pathways that can be streamlined to try and reduce this.

This could be as easy as turning on the print preview settings on your computer to make sure less paper is wasted or pledging to use a reusable coffee cup.


If it isn't possible to reduce a certain type of potential waste, consider the ways that it could be reused. At SCFT we have Warp It a reuse platform, by using Warp It you can promote reuse, and reduce carbon emissions.

If you'd like to register, please follow this link, make sure to favourite the homepage so you can easily navigate to the site again. All of these links and further information can also be found in the Quick Links section of The Pulse.

Also, during Recycle Week NHS sites and council recycling sites are taking collections of used walking aids such as crutches, walking frames and walking sticks. Check out our blog post on this for all the details link.


If it is not possible to prevent waste or reuse items, the next best possible option is to recycle. Across SCFT we have great provision of recycling bins, and we can recycle items, like paper and card, cans and some plastics for example.

The more we recycle the less waste we send for incineration which can help us in making carbon savings. It's also key that we make sure waste is separated into the correct bins as if recycling bins are contaminated with the wrong kind of waste, the whole bag can't be recycled.