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Hayley Carmichael

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Water Saving Week is an annual event run by WaterWise, who work nationally to encourage water efficiency. It runs in late May to align with the start of typical drought patterns across the country.

Why do we need Water Saving Week?

Water is a precious resource and one of the reasons our planet is so unique in being able to support life. Literally without water we would not be able to live; things don’t get more essential than that!

Already this year we are seeing areas across the UK begin to suffer drought and water stress and it is expected that this year will be drier than the previous year. Supplies are under pressure due to climate change.

This is the overarching theme of Water Saving Week this year. We need to learn to use water more efficiently so that what we have will last.

Ways to be water wise

There are so many ways we can do better with our water use both at work and at home. Here are a few of our suggestions…

  • The flush on the toilet uses litres of water every time, if you have a dual flush system, make sure to use the small flush unless you really need to use the big flush! It will save several litres of water per flush.
  • Having a bath rather a shower is a good quick win. Having a quick shower is also a water saver, just get in, get clean and get out!
  • If we’re lucky enough to have a garden keeping it hydrated can be a challenge over the drier months. Invest in a water butt to harvest rain water and save using tap water to water the garden. If you have a bath, save the bathwater and use a watering can to give the garden a watering, it beats letting it just drain down the plughole.
  • If you run a hot tap to get it hot enough, capture the water in a spare bottle, and use it to water house plants later on.
  • Report any leaks you see on the street, so the water company can repair them and save waste water from literally draining away.
  • Maintain your taps at home to stop drips. Those little drops all add up to quite a lot of waste water.

Find out more

To learn more about Water Wise and the work they are doing to preserve and protect the water supplies we have in the UK visit their website: https://waterwise.org.uk

We interviewed Southern Water to get some water wise tips, have a listen to our podcast to discover what they told us.