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Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
2 minute read

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have launched the Together To Zero Campaign

As part of the Trust's journey to Net Zero Carbon and delivering on its Green Plan, it has launched a new staff awareness campaign called Together To Zero (TTZ).

TTZ was created by Care Without Carbon in partnership with NHS Sussex, who are now working wider across the healthcare sector to support others, including Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in achieving their Net Zero Carbon goals.

The campaign runs for 12 months, and aims to help increase awareness of the following:

  • recognise a link between climate change and health,
  • understand delivery of care creates carbon emissions that add to climate change,
  • know there is a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) target and plans for reaching it.

Also that staff:

  • Support their Trust in delivering NZC.
  • Feel part of a movement for change.
  • Are aware of the ways they can support more sustainable healthcare.

The campaign, as well as awareness raising, asks staff to add their voice to the call for more sustainable healthcare. The more people who register their voice as part of this call for action, the more influence sustainability teams will have within Trusts to support future change and innovations that will deliver on Net Zero.