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Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
1 minute read

Sustainable Healthcare Principles; supporting you towards Net Zero

To achieve Net Zero Carbon within the NHS, the Care Without Carbon team have built Sustainable Healthcare Principles into their framework for delivering lower carbon care. This is the framework that underpins the Green Plans for Trusts within Sussex, and for NHS Sussex too.

The principles support both the urgently needed reduction in our carbon footprint and the delivery of high-quality care for our communities.

They are based on principles of sustainable clinical practice originally developed by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and they aim to tackle climate change on two fronts:

  • First, by optimising our level of activity/resource use by helping people to stay well, and by making our processes as efficient as possible; and

  • Second, by reducing the carbon intensity of the care we do need to provide.

The overarching Principle is Healthier Lives; that is our purpose as a healthcare providers and we know that reducing carbon will result in healthier lives for everyone. However it takes us all adopting and integrating all three of these Sustainable Healthcare Principles that will get us to Net Zero Carbon by 2040.