people sitting at a conference
Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
2 minute read

We are delighted to be speaking

The Institute of Government & Public Policy are hosting the 2nd annual conference on sustainable healthcare at The Royal Society of Medicine in London. You can find out more here:

It takes place on 22nd May from 9am to 4.30pm and is very accessible by public transport.

The conference provides an update on national ambition to deliver the world's first net zero health service, practical examples of direct interventions to decarbonise the NHS, and the crucial role of strong leadership and collaboration with industry partners, government agencies, and local communities in achieving net zero. It is a great opportunity to learn more about sustainability in health, why it matters and what we are doing about it.

Susie Vernon from the Care Without Carbon team will be speaking in the afternoon along with a host of other great speakers on the agenda for the day.

Susie Vernon in a black and white striped top outside Brighton General Hospital

All profits from ticket sales will be reinvested into the Royal Society of Medicine who are the largest provider of postgraduate medical education in the UK.

What can you expect from attending?

  • Explore the latest developments and policy updates on improving healthcare services and innovation to create a greener NHS
  • Learn how partnerships in healthcare can enhance sustainability outcomes through knowledge exchange and communication
  • Understand the main drivers of change across the healthcare sector and the importance of leadership for shaping sustainable practices
  • Uncover effective tools for delivering change by equipping the healthcare workforce with suitable skills and knowledge to deliver sustainability initiatives
  • Consider new strategies for building healthy futures for all, bringing together environmental, social, economic, and human sustainability objectives
  • Hear best practice examples and case studies of integrating sustainable solutions across all areas of work in the healthcare sector