beach groyne with fishing net litter
Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
3 minute read

A clean beach is a delight to explore

Every September thousands of people flock to the British coastline to take part in the Great British Beach Clean organised by the Marine Conservation Society. This year, the Great British Beach Clean took place from Friday 15th September to Sunday 24th September.

What's it all about?

The Great British Beach Clean gathers supporters from all over the UK to help rid beaches of litter that clutters the coastline.

All the litter collected helps provide data which the Marine Conservation Society can use to promote change for cleaner oceans and coastlines.



Did you know?

The plastic bag charge came about because of data provided by the Great British Beach Clean.  It also helped drive the tax on single use items, helping to keep our oceans as waste free as possible.

Want to get involved?

It's simple, find a beach clean near you or you could conduct your own. Visit MCSUK to discover guides and resources to help you get set up. All beach cleans are family and dog friendly. The Great British Beach Clean takes place over 10 days, between Friday 15th September to Sunday 24th September.

The beauty of Sussex being coastal is you can create your own beach clean-up with your colleagues or take a trip to the beach at the weekend with your friends and family to get stuck in – saving Britain's beaches at any time of the year.

Can I do a beach clean any time of the year?

If you are unable to get to a beach during the Great British Beach Clean or want to get involved all year round, Brighton and Hove City Council have set up volunteer scheme called, Tidy Up Team. Tidy Up Team also targets other areas of the city that need some care and attention, these areas impact the health and wellbeing of the residents. Joining the Tidy Up Team allows you create a clean and tidy place for all of Brighton and Hove's visitors and residents. For more details on how to sign up, click here.

Alternatively, Adur and Worthing council support litter picking by providing equipment boxes containing bags, bag hoops, litter pickers and visibility vests. These boxes have been placed around the community close to the coast offering members of the public an opportunity to keep our beaches and environment clean. Additionally Mid Sussex District Council provide equipment for litter picking by filling in form at the bottom of the page.

Contact your local borough council to borrow equipment and gain resources and tips on how to keep the community a cleaner space. If local to Brighton and interested in keeping our beaches clean, contact Brighton and Hove City Council to organise your own beach clean event, there are resources available to help you conduct this safely, visit: Help clean our beaches.