Great Big Green Week
Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
2 minute read

A week of awareness raising and change making

8th – 16th June is the Great Big Green Week, seven days dedicated to celebrating action on climate change. The Great Big Green Week brings together people from all communities, individuals and organisations too such as Fairtrade to think about, and take action on tackling climate change and protecting nature.

Last year of 250,000 people took part; this year could be even bigger. The event has been going since 2021 and is the largest national event of its kind.

Great Big Green Week

What is #SwapTogether?

The #SwapTogether campaign aims for the nation to swap anything from food, clothing, useful bits and bobs to knowledge and experience.

Sports clubs, community hubs, libraries, groups and charities are all hosting events as part of Great Big Green Week. You can find out more on the website:

Collective power can deliver big change and that is what Big Green Week is all about - so get involved by either attending something in your area, or creating your own event. It could be as simple as sharing your veg growing tips with colleagues to help people grow their own. Whatever you decide to do; every act counts, the more people who participate the bigger Great Big Green Week becomes.