porter at a bin
Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
2 minute read

Raising awareness can support behaviour change

We know that waste is an unavoidable by product of care delivery; and Trusts are working hard to manage waste in the best way possible, from reducing what is created through to recycling as much as possible.

SASH is hosting a Waste Week to help keep staff updated on the work the Trust is doing to tackle waste, in line with the targets set out in their Green Plan.

From 15th of July to 19th of July, the Waste Week stand will be at the East Entrance corridor at East Surrey Hospital on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and upstairs outside the restaurant on the Wednesday, from  9am to 4pm.

two men pushing bins down a hospital corridor

Michael Brownjohn is waste manager for SASH, and he has several aims for the week:

  • Raise awareness of waste at SASH
  • Show what happens to SASH's waste e.g. general waste is incinerated for energy which helps powers 10,000 homes in the Newhaven area.
  • Have staff raise concerns and bring ideas that me and the waste team do not know about. 
  • To show what SASH is doing e.g. Re-use scheme of furniture
  • Show legislation have information for wards to see if they are compliant with their waste. 

Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to talk to Michael's team with access to information and posters on waste, plus the Trust's waste contractors will be coming in to share news on new approaches to waste management and there may be some freebies too.  Veolia coming in on the Tuesday morning and Refood will be in all day on the Wednesday.

Tackling waste can help to reduce the carbon pollution from care delivery, which supports SASH's commitment to Net Zero Carbon in the future.