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Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
1 minute read

Reduced emissions means reduced admissions

The way we're currently delivering healthcare is contributing to climate change and this is negatively impacting on health. From heatwaves to flooding, extreme weather is becoming more frequent and we're seeing this impact admissions.

With patient care as our no.1 priority, we must find ways to reduce our emissions to Net Zero by 2040. Currently the NHS is responsible for 5% of our national carbon footprint. We can really make a difference if we act now.

We need a healthier environment for healthier people, and it is only with your involvement we can make this happen by changing the way we deliver care and support health in our communities.

Lower carbon health and care is achievable if we all work together. Our Green Plan sets out our route to Net Zero; and we need your support.

Adding your Voice is the first step in our journey to a greener NHS; if you haven't pledged already do so today and increase our voice for change across the NHS.