wild daisies
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

The 12th of March marks the annual celebration of Plant a Flower Day, established by the US non-profit organisation, National Garden Bureau. While this is a stateside celebration, we think it is such a good idea we should embrace it this side of the Atlantic too.

Plant a Flower Day encourages people to get outside and plant flowers in time for Spring. Flowers have a variety of benefits; they are beautiful and vibrant which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Flowers like lavender help with a restful sleep, whilst we use the flowering group Echinacea to stimulate our immune systems as a herbal remedy.


a picture of lavender growing


Flowers attract all insects from bees to birds acting as food or as a habitat for them – they help boost biodiversity, so let's get planting!

With over 400,000 species of flowering plants in the world, there will be something for everyone. Here are some fab flower suggestions to get you started:



If you're a pet owner plant carefully as some flowers can be poison to them.



Tip – there are some flowers that grow back every year (perennial) and others that need replanting, check this out when choosing your flowers.