Sussex Cliffs
Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
1 minute read

Working together for a greener NHS

Together to Zero is our new campaign to build awareness and support for Net Zero Carbon.

The climate crisis is a health crisis; our changing climate is negatively impacting our health. The way we currently deliver healthcare is contributing to climate change; therefore also contributing to health problems.

For example, cancer, respiratory and mental health are directly linked to climate change. And our vulnerable populations are most at risk. Reduced emissions means reduced admissions; we're supporting a healthier planet for healthier people with our journey to Net Zero.

All NHS partners must reach Net Zero Carbon by 2040, and we each have a Green Plan to set out how we get there.

Our Green Plan sets out our route to Net Zero; and we need your support; visit to check out the Green Plan for your Trust and add your voice to support Net Zero Carbon by 2040.

Over the next 12 months we'll build on this pledge to actively deliver on the actions in our Green Plan.