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Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
1 minute read

Starting a conversation about climate change can be hard, not everyone will have the same values as you and it can be a scary subject for some.

But bringing climate change into your conversations can make a real difference. It is important to be balanced and explore the solutions as well as the problems we face and to be willing to hear other’s views even if you don’t agree. By being open to discussion we can make it easier to talk about, and ultimately take action.

World Health Organization, (WHO) believes that health professionals are uniquely qualified to talk about the impact of climate change on health.

Equally, talking about the health benefits of climate solutions, like cleaner air, cooler cities and prepared communities can help people understand that there is hope.

WHO have launched a toolkit for health professionals, ‘Communicating climate change and health’. This toolkit aims to help health professionals start the conversation about climate change and how it links to our health.

Let’s get the conversation started.