glass ready for recyling
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
1 minute read

The Environmental Department (Defra) has announced plans for households in England to be able to put recyclables, including plastics, glass, metal and paper into one bin, under simpler collection rules.

Having one bin for all recyclables will help end confusion for recyclable items across England as every council has different rules.

Combining recycling waste is a win for communities as it will boost recycling rather than unnecessarily chucking things away. Garden waste and food waste is also to be co-collected under the new plans, in the meantime check out these other ways to reduce your food waste:

Streamlining processes like creating all-in-one recycling bins, minimises the effect of waste on the environment, less rubbish on the streets and in landfill. Once the plans are in full effect, it will be easier to comply with recycling in the community including the workplace and schools.