power station with smoke in sky
Jessica Rees
Sustainability and Engagement Officer
2 minute read

Air pollution impacts us all, from before we are even born, right through to old age.

It can cause lung disease, heart disease, blood clots, premature births and it can even affect brain development as well as being linked to dementia. It is the biggest environmental threat to our health, with the average person losing at least 2 years and 3 months of their life due to air pollution.

On the positive side, there are ways to tackle these stats, the first step is to educate ourselves. It is important to understand how and where air pollution can affect us and what we can do to avoid this.

Healthcare professionals have a unique opportunity to talk about the link between air pollution and health with colleagues, patients, and carers.

As part of SE Nursing and Midwifery green week, Global Action Plan carried out training on ‘Air pollution and health’. The training covered advice on how we can communicate these issues, for example:

  • Patient waiting area posters
  • Messages on NHS/Trust websites
  • Talks with health professionals
  • Leaflets

Awareness will increase as we communicate more openly about air pollution and health and behaviour change will follow from awareness.

Want to get talking about this?

Here are some of the resources that were used in the training that will help to build knowledge and awarness.