plastic free July
Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
2 minute read

Why do we need to cut the plastic?

Plastic is a tough material to get rid of, it's non-biodegradable, and takes up to 1,000 years to breakdown. It damages marine wildlife, whilst spreading toxins through soil and water. It's not just the disposal of it that's damaging -  over 90% of plastic is made from oil and gas so it has carbon built in. In 2021, the manufacturing process of plastic in the UK produced roughly 3.32 million metric tonnes of carbon pollution. That is a lot of carbon pollution for a product that also creates a lot of hard to get rid of waste.

Plastic impacts our health too – it causes millions of microplastics to contaminate our water systems, including, rainwater, tap water, fresh water, and sea water, it then enters our bodies when we breathe or eat. See our blog for more details on microplastic waste in water.

plastic bottles

Do you want to tackle plastic pollution?

  • Plastic Free July is an initiative that millions of people join globally to reduce their plastic waste by finding alternatives.
  • Plastic Free July 2024 focuses on ‘Small steps, big difference'. Check out these fab alternatives from our single-use plastic blog.
  • Plastic Free July have many resources you can use, ideas and solutions to cut down on plastic, listed here, including some the ideas highlighted below:

choose to reuse

Getting started

  • Bring your own reusable bottle.
  • Avoid pre-packed bakery goods/fruit & veg.
  • Bring your own coffee cup to a café.

At work

  • Reduce plastic in kitchen areas - maybe bake and share instead of bringing in sweet treats from the shop.
  • Carry out a bin audit for waste segregation - are your recycling as much as you could be as a team?
  • Talk to your colleagues about reducing plastic waste and help to raise awareness.

Out in the Community

  • Plastic free picnic ideas - get together with family and friends and all bring a dish to share that you can take home to clean after.
  • Beach/park cleans - a wonderful way to have a team afternoon out to bond over helping keep the nature on your doorstep clean.
  • Talk to your local council about waste segregation bins in the community.

Reducing plastic usage means reducing carbon pollution and protecting the nature all around us – add your voice to support the call for Net Zero Carbon healthcare. The more voices, the bigger the impact.