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Hayley Carmichael
Communications Manager
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On December 21st, the Northern Hemisphere is farthest from the sun, making it the shortest day and longest night of the year. This is known as the Winter Solstice.

The arrival of winter brings the colder weather, which can really take a toll on our health. Stay warm to help your body stay well, colder homes can make things like respiratory problems a lot worse and are linked to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

Also taking care of our mental health is important at this time of year, being cooped up can result in feelings of isolation and loneliness. We've got some suggestions to help you stay well in mind and body over winter, that could also save you money as well as reduce carbon pollution for a healthier environment too.

Tips for staying warm

With energy prices still high, turning up the thermostat as it gets colder may not be an option (plus saving energy with a lower temperature is a great way to reduce carbon pollution). Our homes should ideally not be colder than 18 degrees for our health though. Keep heat inside by closing doors, including internal ones, and ensure windows are shut properly. Exclude drafts around windows and doors – here's some handy tips for this.

Let nature do its work

During the day let as much sunlight into the room as possible – you don't need a panel to make the most of solar power – the warmth of the midday sun, even in winter can make a difference to the temperature inside.

Plus, the daylight makes you feel good so you'll be improving your mental health at the same time.

Inside out

If you're warm on the inside you'll feel warmer generally so enjoy a frequent hot cuppa. It will warm your core and help you stay cosier without the need to increase the temperature on your thermostat.

The same can be said for eating, veg based stews and soups are a perfect winter warmer and with more veg you get less carbon pollution which is another win.  Soup for lunch at work is an ideal way to heat up while you eat up and can be enjoyed whether you are at a base or on the move.

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Get cosy and connect

When getting out can be tricky, you can still connect with friends and family via a video or phone call to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. You'll also be reducing air pollution by not travelling so much.

Our commitment to Healthier Lives

Healthier Lives is one of our core ‘Sustainable Healthcare Principles' which we use to help us deliver on our target of Net Zero Carbon healthcare. Choosing less energy intensive ways of staying warm and well is just one way we can bring this principle into our everyday lives whether at work or at home.