What matters most to you?

Turn what matters most into a Dare – help colleagues create change that counts.

What matters most to you?

Your time to choose

We need some new dares for the Dare to Care campaign. And we need you to help decide what they should be. Is there something you feel strongly about at work, from wellbeing to greener choices? We’re looking for your suggestions – you can shape Dare to Care over the next six month, helping to change behaviours to support sustainable healthcare.

What a dare should be…

All our dares are designed to do three things. They should be:

Good for wellbeing

Think stress busting, physical activity or healthy eating or maybe you have a different idea about wellbeing – tell us!

Good for the environment

Think carbon cutting, waste reduction, energy use and water saving.  What ways can you see we could do things differently for a greener NHS?

Good for our wallets

Think about possible cost savings, this could be a smarter use of resources, or alternative procurement options or new ways of working.

This ‘triple bottom line’ is a core part of our Care Without Carbon strategy, which Dare to Care is designed to help deliver.

Send in your suggestions for dares to hello@carewithoutcarbon.org

Photo op?

Once we have the new dares agreed we will look for our new Dare to Care poster stars to promote them – could it be you and your team? You don’t have to suggest a dare to volunteer for the photo shoot!

If you’re interested get in touch.

We are making a difference

Last year we measured the impact that Dare to Care is having and the findings are encouraging.

  • 12% increase in general wellbeing for darers
  • 7% boost in physical activity
  • 11% reduction in stress
  • 22% increase in meaning and purpose
  • 16% increase in team bonding
  • 8% increase in job satisfaction

With your help we can continue to develop dares that help create a better working life and a greener NHS.