What can you do?

We want qualified instructors, talented crafters and enthusiastic riders, readers and walkers!

What can you do?

Wellbeing@Work Festival is back!

We are running Wellbeing@Work Festival again in 2020.

Throughout May we are planning a range of ‘taster session’ activities for staff across all our sites – but we need your help to make it  happen.

These taster sessions are a one hour ‘dip’ into something that is good for mind or body. Think book clubs, crochet classes, running or cycling groups, yoga classes, mindfulness and zumba. It could be a million other things we haven’t got space to mention!

We just need an hour of your time

If you have the skills or enthusiasm we are looking for then all we ask is for an hour of your time.

We’ll help book a room at a site of your choice, we’ll promote it for you. You just have to be there on the day to share your skills!

Email hayleycarmichael@nhs.net if you would like to get involved. Alternatively if you know of a local instructor who would be willing to offer a free taster session pass on their details and we can get in touch.

Last year several people offering taster sessions in May started up paid for classes later in the year, so it was a great opportunity for them to generate interest.

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Together we can make Wellbeing@Work Festival 2020 the best one ever!