What a journey we’ve had with Walking Works!

The Walking Works 4 week challenge might be over but the walking fun has just begun…get involved with the Step Up Challenge to keep motivated in building walking into your daily life.

Green background with white walking works logo and the words join us to create a workplace walking culture

Thank you and keep walking!

Happy Friday! It’s the end of week 4, and we’re sad to say that there won’t be any more weekly challenges from Walking Works through Living Streets. We hope the challenges each week inspired and motivated you to try a few new things, and more importantly, motivated you to keep going and incorporate some more walking into your daily routines.

It’s all a matter of habit, there’s plenty of evidence out there how walking contributes to your mental and physical wellbeing, and how the biggest challenge is often breaking out of our routines.

Well done to all those who held walking meetings, arranged lunchtimes walks, changed their usual commute or went for brisk walks. It would be great if we could make some of those part of your working culture, so please keep the good work up and encourage others to join in.

If you haven’t already taken the pledge to walk more, it’s not too late. Taking the pledge now will help ensure you keep walking beyond this challenge: livingstreets.org.uk/pledge

The charity behind the campaign is Living Streets who works with organisations all over the country to help employees incorporate more walking into their daily routines.

You can visit Living Streets’ website to find tips and advice to help you keep up the walking habit. Their spinning wheel of tips has lots of ways you can add more walking into your day, give it a spin for some extra inspiration!

Share your experiences and any ideas around walking on social media using #walkingworks and @LivingStreets – you could help inspire others to become happier, healthier and more productive.

Thanks everyone! And the fun doesn’t stop here, you can still sign up for the Step Up Challenge and walk one of three virtual routes either as an individual or a team. Email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org to find out more and keep walking!