Get ready for Wellbeing at Work Festival 2020

There are a few ways you can support our next Wellbeing@Work Festival at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. Volunteer to get involved and help us create a greener NHS and a better working life…

Get ready for Wellbeing at Work Festival 2020

What is Wellbeing@Work Festival?

This is the fourth year we have organised our Wellbeing@Work Festival for staff at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

The festival is a month long celebration to offer staff support and access to ways to boost wellbeing in mind and body. This is part of our ongoing work to deliver Care Without Carbon at the Trust, because we believe that #selfcare is truly sustainable healthcare.

In 2020 the festival has a couple of new elements. We’re replacing the roadshows with new ‘we come to you sessions’ which focus on making it easier for clinical staff to access the stalls on offer with ward based drop ins.

We’re also showing hoe being sustainable can tie in with being healthy with the introduction of clothes swap events.

The ever popular taster sessions will remain too, so you’ll have the chance to try something new for free.

How do I get involved?

Have you got a skills or passion you can share with others?

Throughout May we are planning a range of taster session activities for staff across all our sites, but we need your help to make it happen.

Taster sessions offer staff a chance to try something that is good for their mind or body. Think book clubs, crochet classes, running, walking or cycling groups, yoga classes, mindfulness, massage, reflexology, zumba and more! We’re open to suggestions based on your skills.

work out at work
Staff at Crawley Hospital work out together…

We just need an hour of your time!

We’ll help you to book a room at a site of your choice, and we’ll promote your taster session for you. You just have to be there on the day to share your skills.

Contact hello@carewithoutcarbon.org if you would like to get involved.

Recommend a friend?

If you know of a local instructor who would be willing to offer a free taster session, pass on their details so we can get in touch with them.

In previous years many people who offered taster sessions in May started paid-for classes afterwards, and found that Wellbeing@Work was a great way for them to generate interest in their classes.

Or, alternatively you could organise a clothes swap event…

How does a clothes swap help my wellbeing?

Money worries can create stress for anyone, so why not save some money by swapping clothes instead of buying them?

A clothes swap is a great way to pass on clean and usable clothes you own but no longer wear, and claim some new items to brighten up your wardrobe in return. As well as saving money you can feel good knowing you are reducing waste and fighting fast fashion.

How do I run a clothes swap event?

Here’s our super-easy five step guide:

  1. Pick a date and time for your clothes swap (lunchtime works well). Give yourself plenty of time to promote it, and for people to book space in their diary to pop along.
  2. Book a room big enough for several tables to be set out. You can organise the room so there is a table each for dresses, trousers, tops etc.
  3. Promote your clothes swap event through a poster (you can use our template), and by word of mouth and social media (the Trust’s Facebook groups are a good place to share).
  4. On the day have a table set up at the entrance, and count the clothes that each person brings along. Everyone can pick out an item for each item they donate to the swap.
  5. At the end of the day, box up any unclaimed clothes and take them to your chosen charity shop.