We need you to be the face of our new ‘green’ pledges at Sussex Partnership

Star in a photo shoot to represent our new dares as part of our ongoing Dare to Care programme, enabling you to support  Sussex Partnership’s aim to deliver to Care Without Carbon

We need you to be the face of our new ‘green’ pledges at Sussex Partnership

You told us and we listened...

We asked you what you’d like to see change for more sustainable healthcare. You told us that tackling plastic and waste mattered most as well as doing more to encourage greener travel and cleaner, greener spaces at work, so we have developed some new pledges to launch this October as part of our ongoing Dare to Care programme in support of our work to deliver Care Without Carbon.

What are the new pledges (dares) you could be the face for?

Our new dares are:

#Oneless piece of single use plastic – stop using at least one item of single use plastic, whether that is a disposable cup or a plastic bag, and replace it with a more sustainable alternative.

Drive down fuel costs – when travel by car is unavoidable adopt eco-friendly driving techniques to reduce your carbon emissions.

Green your workspace – whether it’s a plant indoors, or a clean up of the landscape at work help to create a greener environment for everyone’s wellbeing.

Get on a bike – choose more active travel and feel the mental and physical benefits of zero carbon transport.

How to volunteer

We want to feature real people who work for Sussex Partnership in promotional posters to encourage as many people as possible to sign up to one (or more) of these pledges when they launch. If you would be interested in taking part email hayleycarmichael@nhs.net.

The photo shoot will take place late September.

In addition to the new dares coming in October we still have a range of core dares you can choose from. Visit www.carewithoutcarbon.org/dares to explore what is on offer and make your pledges.