We are excellent!

The Sustainable Development Unit have rated SCFT’s reporting of progress to deliver more sustainable healthcare as Excellent.

We are excellent!

Promoting best practice

The Sustainable Development Unit is looking for best practice in how Trusts report on their progress in delivering more sustainable healthcare. They award Trusts a rating each year based on the quality of their reporting. The award recognises the work done by the NHS to report what they are doing to help protect the environment.

SCFT has worked hard to reduce its carbon footprint, and its impact on the environment through Care Without Carbon. Each year the CWC team produce a stand alone progress report, which gives a detailed breakdown of the work completed, and in progress in addition to the Trust’s annual report, which provides more of an overview.

Progress Report

The SDU have rated the team’s reporting as Excellent for the second year running.

While it is a mandatory requirement for all trusts to report on the work they are doing to deliver more sustainable healthcare, SCFT’s excellent clarity in reporting gives stakeholders, from patients and staff to our wider community, the confidence that the trust takes its commitments seriously and demonstrates the wider value that sustainability delivers within healthcare.

You can view the Annual Progress Report yourself here.