We all need good circulation – this September what can you do to improve it?

September is Vascular Disease Awareness Month, created by the national charity Circulation Foundation. This year they want everyone going the extra mile to improve circulation health which links well with the launch of Travel Smarter September.

We all need good circulation – this September what can you do to improve it?

Looking after our arteries with healthier lives through more active travel

The Circulation Foundation has a mission to promote awareness for vascular disease, so that everyone understands how important it is that we do what we can to prevent it. Every year they run Vascular Disease Awareness Month in September.

Vascular disease is the collective term for diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatics. Any part of the body to which blood flows can be affected by it and the disease accounts for 40% of deaths in the UK, many of which are preventable. It impacts health in both mind and body.

Reducing the risk of vascular disease is possible for everyone and includes things such as staying active, eating well and stopping smoking.

This month we launch Travel Smarter September as part of our Green Plan delivery. We’re asking you to choose a more active commute to work this month to help combat things like vascular disease, and also to help improve local air quality.  This links in perfectly with the Circulation Foundation’s theme for this year which is the #BodyWalk, to see if collectively they can get enough people walking, swimming, running or cycling to cover the 60,000 miles of the arteries in the human body.

To support Vascular Disease Awareness Month why not make a ‘Active Commute pledge’ through Care Without Carbon? Just click here, select Other from the list and make your pledge to choose a more active commute at least one day per week to boost your physical wellbeing and improve local air quality.