Water, water, everywhere, find a drop to drink!

March 22nd is World Water Day – drink it – conserve it!

Water, water, everywhere, find a drop to drink!

An international day of appreciation

Water is something we all take for granted in the Western World. We turn on a tap and out it comes.

But in some countries water is scarce. And thanks to climate change, we’re beginning to see evidence of water shortages in the UK too – so lets do our bit to conserve our supplies, so when we next need a drink there is plenty in the tap.

Listen to our podcast from Southern Water on ways you can do your bit to be more water-wise.

World Water Day is the perfect opportunity to make a change in the ways you think about water and this year it celebrates its 25th birthday!

Take our 'use every drop' dare

Care Without Carbon invites you to support World Water Day by taking part in our Dare to Care programme.

Taking part is super easy – just take a small pledge to do things differently, to save money, reduce our impact on the environment and boost your own wellbeing too.

We invite you to pledge to ‘use every drop’. This is a dare that asks you to drink the recommended 2 litres of water per day, and report leaking taps, turn off taps properly and think about how much water you need to use to wash up, flush the loo, have a shower etc.

Sign up here.

And if you think colleagues might be like to join in the fun, why not go for our Hydrate Yourself Challenge!

Can you and the team drink enough water between you in a month to fill a bath?!

All these things can add up to a really positive difference for us and the planet!