Water is precious; let’s make best use of it

Saving water comes with the added benefit of saving money. We asked Southern Water to share some top tips with us…

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A call for change

Customer surveys have shown that people who use water want to save water too. Awareness of how precious our water resources are is growing.

Changing weather patterns mean we are getting less rain overall. This means we have to protect what we have and use it wisely.

Because people know that water is precious, water companies are challenged with making a difference to how we use it. On average people use about 148 litres of water per day, Southern Water aim to reduce that to around 133 litres per day by 2020.

To this end, Southern Water is actively investing in customer engagement, across home residents, business customers and the wider community to support and promote water-wise behaviours.

What we are using water for?

Drinking is only aspect of our water use (although we all need to make sure we’re doing enough of that!). The biggest use of water in the home is toilet flushing, which accounts for a whopping 30% of our daily use. Showers, baths, dish washing, clothes washing and gardening all add to the daily water tally.

While we can’t not do these things, we can do them differently so we are more water efficient.

Ways to be water-wise

Big water savings are possible with some small changes to our daily lives.

  • Swap a bath for a 5 minute shower – and if you install a flow control device into your shower you’ll save even more water.
  • A ‘Save-a-flush bag’ installed in your toilet cistern can save 1.2 litres of water with every flush. Or install a dual flush cistern which uses less than traditional cisterns for the majority of flushing.
  • Fully load the dishwasher or washing machine before switching it on.
  • Add a water butt to your garden to harvest rain water, plants like it better than tap water!


As this vintage poster shows, being water-wise has been around awhile!
As this vintage poster shows, being water-wise has been around awhile!

These are all tiny things to do differently but they add up to impressive savings, using water saving devices around the home can save up to 50 litres of water per day.

Save in other ways

It is a fact that about a quarter of the average energy bill for a home is due to heating water – think baths, the kettle, the washing machine and dishwasher. If you use less water it uses less energy to heat it – and your energy bill will reflect this.

Saving money is always a bonus, and with water meters you have the opportunity to only pay for what you use, so if you use water wisely you can make some savings on your water bill too.

The less water that goes into the drains, the less water processing is needed which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of water so you can feel good about doing your bit for the planet too.

Ask for help

If you would like to be more water wise but aren’t sure where to start, Southern Water are happy to help.

Email the water efficiency team at waterefficiencyteam@southernwater.co.uk.