Walking Works is coming!

Living Streets are working with us to support staff in walking more frequently to reap all the wellbeing benefits.

Green background with white walking works logo and the words join us to create a workplace walking culture

Sign up and get walking!

Longer days are coming with Spring just around the corner and in preparation, here is some news from the wellbeing front! Starts with a puzzle: What’s free, works any time of day, makes you immediately feel better and doesn’t require a prescription? Kind of a miracle cure…


Yes, we know you know that. To help you actually DO it, we’ve teamed up with Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking. They aim to make walking the natural choice for everyday, local journeys and inspire people to live more active and healthier lives.

Although we might not all be physically working together, we can all still walk together!

Recent stats and increasing pressures on our healthcare system suggest we should take this seriously:

  • 39% of the adult population in the UK is physically inactive (with less than 30 minutes activity a day!)
  • adults spend 16 times longer watching TV than being physically active
  • 61% of all adults (65% of men and 56% of women) and 30% of children are overweight or obese

Let’s be part of the movement to bring about change!

Over the next four weeks, we’ll help to put a spring back into you step by sending you weekly emails with little challenges on how to implement more walking into your daily routine. We strongly encourage everyone to give this a go. One step at a time….

We’ll officially kick off on Monday, so watch this space. And we are launching the newly improved Step Up Challenge in March too, so you can use all your walks to add up miles towards your virtual route – and we have some exciting new routes to share with you next week!