Walking is free; let’s do more of it

As a form of exercise, walking can be underrated. The humble walk is one of the best things we can do so let’s do it more often…

Walking is free; let’s do more of it

Celebrate the walk

When it comes to fitness we often champion a run over a walk, and while it might not quite have the same cardio boost a walk has a lot to recommend it.

It is free! You can walk anywhere (a manually propelled wheelchair is also a good work out while you get out too) and swapping a car journey for one on foot pays in more ways than one.

It is low impact. If you have knee or back issues, then walking is a gentle way to get moving that is kinder to your body than a more strident run.

It creates zero pollution. There are no nasty pollutants from a walk, so you’ll be helping to create cleaner, healthier air and reducing your carbon emissions too.


The health benefits are incredible

We are encouraging people to walk more as part of our annual Travel Smarter September campaign.

We’d love to have everyone celebrate how good the walk is for our overall health and not forgetting that it’s great for the environment too.

Here’s a selection of the good things a walk can deliver…

Improved fitness

Cardiac health

Combats depression

Improved fatigue levels

Improved mood

Less stress on joints reduces pain

Maintain a health weight

Less risk for cancer and chronic disease

Builds endurance

Boosts circulation

Improves posture

Check out this research paper for more on the benefits of a good walk which include lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Make a pledge to walk more

When we do things with others it can help us stick to our plans, so our pledges are designed to help create that sense of togetherness.

Make the ‘take a walk’ pledge here.

Walking is just one way you can choose to travel smarter this September; ditch the car and help reduce local air pollution levels so we can all breathe more easily.