Walk this way – the appeal of Nordic Walking

Shane Newman is a Therapy Assistant in Bognor, she found Nordic Walking a great way to build up fitness.

Walk this way – the appeal of Nordic Walking

Shane's story

I have always been active and enjoyed exercise, even my job as a therapy tech enabled me to support others in being able to recover their mobility after an operation or just due to the natural aging process.

Keeping fit was a way of life until I suffered a trapped nerve in my lower back, which just crept up on me one Sunday afternoon.  For four months I was out of action, I lost my fitness level and put on some extra pounds.

Finally 6 months later I still have some issues, but I have finally been able to think about exercise again, hooray!

Post injury I am trying to figure out what type of exercise I can do. I am being very protective of my back and want to build up my strength gradually.  I love being outdoors and I love walking, it’s low impact and uses all your muscle groups. Plus you get some fresh air and see some  beautiful views.

I was browsing on Facebook as we often do and I saw an advert for Nordic Walking, so I got in contact with the Denise and Alison at the Littlehampton group, booked onto a free taster session and really enjoyed it.  You can borrow a set of poles; all you need to do is turn up.

Learning to walk the Nordic way

The poles help to maintain balance and improve your posture.  It was quite funny as soon as I was asked to walk with the poles my co-ordination went out the window and it took some effort to think right leg, left arm, I wasn’t the only one I might add.

I think Nordic walking is similar to using a cross trainer, but you are actually moving.  No walls, fresh air, lovely company and the poles make you use your upper body, propelling you along and giving you a harder work out.  It is twice as effective as regular walking and you definitely get out of breath.

We have since completed our 3 hour Learn to Nordic walk course and we now have our passport which enables us to join any class anywhere in the country.  I am booked into the legs bums and Nordic walk class this weekend.

I would highly recommend Nordic walking as a way to improve or maintain your fitness.  It is open to all levels and we have a lot of fun at the same time.

Look out for a free taster session during the May Wellbeing@Work Festival, or just go to the Nordic Walking website and book yourself on.