Walk to School

It’s walk to school week, perfect timing for our Wellbeing@Work Festival.

walk to school

Walk and learn…

Every year Living Streets celebrate walk to school week by asking the nation to choose two feet over four wheels to get to school.

Whether you are a teacher, a pupil, a parent or a school nurse choose this is the ideal time to get out and get going on foot.

Multiple benefits

walk to schoolWalking is good for you, good for your wallet and good for the planet. The best free exercise you can get!

When we say it’s good for you we don’t just mean physically either – walking is a proven brain booster. It is a good way to stimulate your brain for learning, but also helps to reduce stress and tackle depression.

Walking is clearly a winner so go for it this week as part of the walk to school week celebrations.

The bigger picture

The Care Without Carbon team who bring you the Dare to Care campaign support Walk to School Week as part of continuing programme of work to create a better working life and a greener NHS.

You could even sign up to the ‘take a walk’ dare to help you get involved in Walk to School Week.